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Dr. Anzalone currently runs a monthly Multiple Sclerosis Support Group taking place every 4th Wednesday from 6-7pm at Porter Hospital.  See dates below for upcoming meetings.  Feel free to bring your significant other or a caregiver.  It will be held in the Cottonwood conference room very near to the hospital cafeteria on the first (1st) floor (not the Ground floor).  Fruit, cheese, crackers, tea, decaf coffee and water will be provided!  Free parking is available in a covered garage by the main hospital entrance. You can get to the garage by entering the main driveway from Downing Street, between Harvard and Yale. Each month we’ll have a different topic and the group will serve as a great way to meet other people with MS and form community!!


What: MS Support Group
When: 4th Wednesday of every month from 6pm-7pm
Where: Porter Hospital, Cottonwood Conference Room, 1st floor near Cafeteria
Topic: changes every month

Future dates:


  • Wednesday 2/22/17 from 6-7pm. Topic: Diet and MS by Dr. Anzalone
  • Wednesday 3/22/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Optimal Mental Health by Dr. Jane Cleveland
  • Wednesday 4/26/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Symptom Management by Dr. Anzalone
  • Wednesday 5/24/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: How to Beat the Summer Heat with Carrie Nolan from the NMSS
  • Wednesday 6/28/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Physical Therapy and MS by Ellen Belle from CNI
  • Wednesday 7/26/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Potluck and Roundtable to discuss MS tips and tricks
  • Wednesday 8/23/17 from 6-7pm.  Disease Modifying Therapies - Risk and Benefits with special discussion of the newer therapies including Ocrevus. Talk given by Dr. Anzalone
  • Wednesday 9/27/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Natural History of MS by Dr. Anzalone
  • Wednesday 11/8/17 from 6-7pm.  Topic: Alternative therapies for pain, insomnia and spasticity. 
  • Wednesday 12/13/17 from 6-7pm.  Yoga and Meditation talk given by Lisa Theis
  • Wednesday 1/24/18 from 6-7pm. Learn about Ayurvedic Medicine with Madison Waggoner
  • 2/28/18 TBD
  • 3/28/18 TBD
  • 4/25/18 TBD
  • 5/23/18 TBD
  • 6/27/18 TBD
  • 7/25/18 TBD
  • 8/22/18 TBD
  • 10/24/18 TBD
  • 11/28/18 TBD


Please RSVP to Brittni Burnett at


Thank You!

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